Information about the community-owned
village shop in Winster, Derbyshire
Photo of Winster Village Shop in Derbyshire

Winster Village Shop is a community-owned project: the shop is owned by the village. The shop employs a locally-based manager, together with three full-time staff. A number of volunteers from Winster also help make sure that the shop runs smoothly and looks attractive - stacking shelves, setting up displays, working on the till, collecting and delivering goods, and managing the daily orders from our wide range of suppliers.

A Board of Directors review the direction and financial performance of the shop - to make sure that local needs are met, to check that we are meeting all legislative requirements, and to develop programmes for the future of the business.

Photo of Winster Village Shop in Derbyshire

We try to offer a distinctive shopping experience: our 'Winster Corner' promotes Winster-related products (call in and get a copy of the fascinating Village Map, for example); our window displays are a delight, and illustrate a local or national activity or event.

We welcome new ideas for products and services, recognising the need for choice - whether our customers live locally or are on holiday in Winster or the surrounding area.

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