Information about the community-owned
village shop in Winster, Derbyshire

We try to meet as many of the needs of our customers as we can, and currently offer:


Essentials: Milk, a variety of breads, rolls and pastries, papers, magazines, eggs, fruit and vegetables, different blends of teas and coffees

Chilled: Bacon, deli range, yoghurts, cheeses, sandwiches

Frozen: Vegetables, read meals, ice cream

Tinned: All that your would expect

Off Licence: Wide range of wines and beers and spirits.

Household: Coal, firelighters, candles, and often sledges too!


We serve a very nice cup of coffee or tea (very popular with walkers) and can usually offer a cake or pastry to go with it

You are welcome to use our wifi connection: free if you have bought a hot drink from us, or for a modest charge if not.

See the separate page for details of Winster Post Office.

Photo of Winster Village Shop in Derbyshire