Winster Village Shop

The local community has bought GB Stores, the general stores in Winster that serves Winster, Elton and the surrounding area.

The shop premises are now owned by Winster Village Shop Assocation Ltd. To help fund the cost, we have sold the upper floors (for considerably more than the figure suggested by the professional valuation that we commissioned) to a local person with the intention of conversion to domestic accommodation.

The shop is owned by a limited company, but the company doesn't have shareholders taking a share of the profits. It is a "Company Limited By Guarantee", controlled by the community. We have set it up so that it is legally required to spend profits (after loan repayments) on improving the service that it provides to the community.


Our appeal for loans brought in enough to complete the purchase - but if we can raise a bit more, we will be able to make improvements more quickly. So we are still looking for more people to make loans to the company - see our Loan Form.

The team of shop staff is lead by Steve Flitter, our new Shop Manager.

Volunteer help needed

We are very hopeful that we will be able to attract grant funding for some of the refurbishment and improvement that is needed. But to do that we need a volunteer who can track down relevant grant schemes, and make the applications. Could that be you? Please contact David Mitchell(650220) or John Geddes (650364) if you might be able to help.

And if that's not your thing, then we will be looking for all sorts of practical help to allow us to improve the appearance and efficiency of the premises at low cost - from cleaning and painting to building new shelves, there is bound to be a role for you. Watch for notices!


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