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Winster Village Address Map
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Winster Village Address Map

Created by Rachel Buckley (nee Newton) at the suggestion of Cynthia Wright

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Index for Village Map

House Name/NumberGrid
in Grid
1 East View B4 J
1 Florence Gladwin Close A4 D
1 Leacroft A4 F
1 Wyntor Avenue A5 H
1a Wyntor Avenue A5 H
2 East View B4 J
2 Florence Gladwin Close A4 D
2 Leacroft A4 F
2 Oaklea C4 E
2 Wensley Road B4 E
2 Wyntor Avenue A5 H
2a Wyntor Avenue A5 H
2b Wyntor Avenue A5 H
3 Florence Gladwin Close A4 D
3 Leacroft A4 F
3 Wensley Road B4 E
3 Woolley's Yard Candlewick B3 N
3 Wyntor Avenue Grasmere A5 J
4 Florence Gladwin Close A4 D
4 Leacroft A4 F
4 Wooley's Yard B3 N
4 Wyntor Avenue The Hedgehogery A5 J
5 Florence Gladwin Close A4 D
5 Leacroft A4 F
5 Wyntor Avenue April Cottage A5 J
6 Florence Gladwin Close A4 D
6 Leacroft A4 F
6 Woodhouse Lane - Daisy Cottage A3 C
6 Wyntor Avenue Lynton A5 J
7 Florence Gladwin Close A4 D
7 Leacroft A4 E
7 Woolley's Yard B3 N
7 Wyntor Avenue Greystoke A5 K
8 Florence Gladwin Close A4 D
8 Leacroft A4 E
8 Wyntor Avenue A5 L
9 Florence Gladwin Close A4 D
9 Leacroft A4 E
9 Wyntor Avenue A5 L
10 Leacroft A4 E
10 Wyntor Avenue A5 L
11 Leacroft Road A4 A
11 Wyntor Avenue A5 M
12 Leacroft Road A5 M
12 Wyntor Avenue A5 M
12a Leacroft Road A4 N
13 Leacroft Road A4 N
13 Wyntor Avenue A5 M
14 Leacroft Road A4 N
14 Wyntor Avenue A5 M
15 Leacroft Road A4 N
15 Wyntor Avenue A5 M
16 Leacroft Road A4 N
16 Wyntor Avenue A5 M
17 Leacroft Road A4 N
17 Wyntor Avenue A5 M
18 Leacroft Road A5 N
18 Wyntor Avenue A5 M
19 Leacroft Road A4 G
19 Wyntor Avenue A5 N
20 Leacroft Road A4 G
20 Wyntor Avenue A5 N
21 Leacroft Road A4 G
21 Wyntor Avenue A5 N
22 Leacroft Road A4 G
22 Wyntor Avenue A5 N
23 Leacroft Road A4 G
23 Wyntor Avenue A5 N
24 Leacroft Road A4 G
25 Leacroft Road A4 H
26 Leacroft Road A4 J
27 Leacroft Road A4 J
28 Leacroft Road A4 J
29 Leacroft Road A4 J
30 Leacroft Road A4 J
31 Leacroft Road A4 J
32 Leacroft Road A4 J
33 Leacroft Road A4 K
34 Leacroft Road A4 K
35 Leacroft Road A4 K
36 Leacroft Road A4 M
37 Leacroft Road A4 M
38 Leacroft Road A4 M
39 Leacroft Road A4 M
40 Leacroft Road A4 M
41 Leacroft Road A4 M
42 Leacroft Road A4 M
43 Leacroft Road A4 M
44 Leacroft Road A4 M
45 Leacroft Road A4 M
46 Leacroft Road A4 M
47 Leacroft Road A4 M
48 Leacroft Road A4 M
The Anchorage C4 B
The Angel B4 A
Angel Cottage A4 C
Anvil Cottage B4 C
Apple Tree Cottage B2 D
April Cottage A5 J
The Archway B4 G
Armature Cottage B2 H
Ashlea A3 D
Ashlyn Cottage B2 F
Ashton House B2 M
Autumn Cottage C3 F
Avondale A5 A
Bank Cottage C3 N
Bank House West Bank " B2 F
Barncliff C3 M
The Barn Redthorne" A5 D
Beech View B3 A
Birch View C3 M
The Bowling Green Inn B4 H
Bradley House C3 F
Brae Cottage B3 J
Brassington Cottage C3 M
Briar Cottage B2 L
Brookenfield A5 G
Broxfield Cottage B3 P
Burton House B3 A
Buxton House B4 K
The Byre A3 A
By-The-Way A5 A
Candle Factory Cottage B3 L
Candle House B3 N
Candlewick : 3 Woolley's Yard B3 N
Carillon B3 D
Carpenters Cottage C3 N
Carpenters Cottage Main Street" B4 C
Carrick Cottage C4 F
Caxton House B4 E
Chapel End Cottage C3 N
Chesterfield House C1 A
Chimney Cottage C3 N
Christmas Cottage B2 M
Cliffe Cottage C3 A
Clough Lodge A5 G
Clough Vista C2 E
Clover Cottage B3 N
Coombe House A1 C
Cornerstone A5 H
The Cottage at The Anchorage C4 B
The Cottage East Bank " C3 J
Courtyard Cottage B2 L
The Croft C3 N
Croft End C3 J
Croft House B2 M
Crown Cottage B3 E
Dale Cottage B4 G
The Dell C2 J
Delph Cottage C4 D
Denver House B3 F
Doe Lea Cottage B4 C
Doe Lea House B4 C
The Dower House B2 J
East Bank Cottage C3 H
East Hill B3 K
East Leigh B3 H
Easter Cottage C2 F
Edge Cottage B4 K
Ephraim House C3 A
The Farriers Cottage B2 M
Forge Cottage C3 B
Fredor Cottage A3 C
Frensham: 5 Wyntor Avenue A5 J
Gable End B3 B
Gable House B3 B
Gabriel Cottage A4 C
Garden House B3 P
Georgic House B4 G
Gingerbreat Cottage B3 K
Glen Villa A5 A
Glendale C2 E
Glendare Main Street" B3 A
Grasmere: 3 Wyntor Avenue A5 J
Greenhills B3 A
Greenlees Cottage B3 E
Greystoke: 7 Wyntor Avenue A5 K
Hamster Cottage C3 F
Harness Room B2 A
Hawkshill C3 B
The Hayloft B2 D
Hazyleigh A3 E
The Headlands B4 K
Headlands Cottage C4 C
Headlands Fold B4 K
Heathcote House B2 L
Heathcote's Barn C2 B
Heaton House B2 E
The Hedgehogery: 4 Wyntor Avenue A5 J
Hefford House B3 D
The Hideaway B3 L
High Rising C2 D
Highfield A5 G
Hillside View B2 C
Hill Cottage (was Prokops) B2 C
Hilton House B4 E
Holly Cottage C4 F
Holmelea B2 K
The Homestead C3 J
Honeyspot Cottage C3 H
Hope Cottage C4 B
Hunstone House C3 K
Inglenook A3 C
Ivy Cottage Wensley Road " B4 E
Ivy Cottage West Bank " C2 G
Jasmine Cottage C3 J
Kebble Cottage A5 K
Keystone House B3 F
Kingsfield Cottage C3 J
Kirby House B2 M
Lancaster Cottage B4 L
Lansdowne House B4 G
Leacroft Garage B4 D
Little Barn C4 G
Little Hillside B2 C
The Lodge West Bank " C2 D
Lyndhurst C2 F
Lynton: 6 Wyntor Avenue A5 J
Manor Cottage B4 F
Manse Cottage C3 F
Mapstone Cottage B3 D
Market Cottage B4 B
Market House East Bank " B4 H
Marmalade Cottage B3 G
Mews Cottage A2 B
Mia Casa B2 B
Miner’s Cottage C3 E
The Miner's Standard C1 A
Moore House B3 M
Moorwood Cottage B3 N
Moot House B3 G
Moresfold A2 A
Mosey Mere Barn D1 A
The Mount C4 D
Mountview C2 E
Musk Cottage B3 N
Netherfield A5 C
Newlyn Cottage B2 F
Newstead House B4 E
North View C4 E
Oak Lea C4 E
Oak Lea 2 C4 E
Oddo House B1 A
Old Cottage C4 B
The Old Bakehouse B3 C
The Old Bank House B3 E
The Old Brewhouse: B3 F
Old Butcher's Shop B2 M
The Old Chapel B2 B
Old Crown House (The Lodge) B3 E
The Old Farmhouse C4 A
The Old Forge B4 C
Old Garden House A3 B
Old Hall Cottage B3 A
The Old House East Bank" C4 G
The Old House Main Street" B2 L
The Old Manse C3 H
Old Parish Poor House C2 H
Old Shoulder Of Mutton B2 F
The Old Stables B4 C
Olive's Cottage B2 E
The Orchard A2 C
Orchard Mine Cott C3 L
Orchard View B4 E
Painters Way Farm A5 F
Peacehaven B3 H
Peak Cottage C3 H
Pennie Lane A5 H
Peveril House C3 D
Pinfold Cottage C2 A
Portaway Cottage B4 L
Pump Cottage A3 C
Redthorne A5 D
Richfield B2 H
Rock Cottage C2 C
Rock View C3 D
Rock View Cottage C2 C
Rockside C2 C
Rocktor Bungalow C3 C
Romay A1 B
Rose Cottage East Bank " C4 E
Rose Cottage West Bank " B2 A
Rosedene B2 A
Roselea Cottage B4 G
Rowan Cottage B2 C
Safari A5 C
School A5 C
September Cottage B3 K
The Smithy House B2 M
The Spook C3 H
Squire Whites Cottage B2 A
Stanfree House B3 G
Stanton House B2 B
Stepney House C3 N
Stoneheath B2 L
Stoneleigh C4 G
Sunny Bank Cottage A5 B
Sunnybank House A5 B
Sunnyside B2 L
Sunnyspot B3 L
The Sycamores A5 D
Tatra Mount B3 K
Ted's House B2 H
Thornton House B4 E
Tite Cottage B4 G
Tomkins Cottage B3 G
Tor Barn C3 E
Tor House B3 D
Underwood House B4 E
Vernon Cottage B4 C
Vernon House B4 C
The Vicarage A1 A
Virginia House B2 L
Walton Cottage C4 C
Wayside B2 F
Wesleyan Chapel West Bank" B2 E
Wesleyan Reform Chapel East Bank" C3 N
Wesson Cottage C2 D
West Bank House B2 G
Wildflower Cottage A3 C
Winstead House B3 N
Winster Hall B3 B
Winster Surgery A4 L
Wood Hays A3 E
Wood View A3 C
Woodbine Cottage C3 F
Woodland View The Flat C3 M
Woodland View Bank Top" C1 A
Woodleigh C3 M
Wren Cottage (was Navenka) B4 L
Wyn-Tor Cottage C3 F
Wynstere Cottage B3 K
Wynstor Bungalow C3 C
Wyntor House Manor Drive " B4 E
Yew Cottage B2 E