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Winster History Group
A village website
for residents and visitors

Winster is a village with a rich history - follow the link for a brief introduction.

Winster has a very active History Group, which runs an evening lecture series, and undertakes original research.

The Winster Village Model created by the History Group, is on show at the Market House (National Trust) in the village.

The History Group has produced two publications:

"Winster: A Peak District Village Remembers" - an illustrated book describing the village through the voices of its residents.

The Winster Village Map - a colour map including a perspective view of the village, and a series of watercolour views of the most important buildings - is on sale in the village, and by post.

NEW (October 2010) - see separate page for details of our History Research Tools

All of the group's Newsletters are available here in Acrobat format:

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Since Winster now has its own monthly magazine, the History Group decided in October 2007 to discontinue its Newsletter . Short communications will now go into the Village Magazine, and more substantial items of research, when ready, will be posted on this website.

For more sources of Winster History, see our history sources page

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